Types of Roofing Materials

Types of Roofing Materials

            There are several types of materials available for use in installing a roof. A roof serves many purposes though most people do not take these into consideration. In fact, a great many completely forget about the roof until it actually leaks and possibly damages their property. The roof of a home protects one’s family and property from all of the harsh elements that nature offers. This could be uncomfortable temperatures, intense light, damaging winds, and/or extreme precipitation. The type of material chosen for a new roof is dependent not only upon the type of building, but the elements that the building will be exposed to in that location.

            The most common material used to install a roof is composition roofing. It is also sometimes called asphalt shingles. This type of roofing is the most common for two reasons. Composition roofing is the least expensive and the simplest to install. Some companies refer to this as rolled roofing and it is available in a few different colors. Lighter colors do well in warmer climates because it helps decrease the cost of cooling the home. Some is algae resistant as well for those located in more humid climates.

            Laminated shingles are another type of roofing materials. This is not made with a cellulose core, but instead is fiberglass.  This provides increased wind and fire resistance. It is also more expensive than composition or rolled roofing. The added fire protection may be worth the cost.

            Wooden roofing is available. This type of roofing adds a quaint charm to any home and its landscape. A home’s roof must have a sloop of 4:12 in order to use wooden roofing so that it can properly shed water. It is usually at the upper end where cost is concerned; however, as long as it is coated with preservative every two to five years, this type of roof should last anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five years.

            One of the longest lasting roofing materials is metal. This material is extremely durable and last around fifty years. In the past, this type of material was only used for professional buildings such as storage units, warehouses, and sheds. Due to its durability, many people are now opting to choose metal roofing for their homes as well. This adds protection from carpenter ant and termite infestations as it does not provide them with a food source.

            Green roofing is offered today for those that are ecologically conscious. There are pretty pictures of quaint cottages with living roofs all over the internet. These are no longer just pretty pictures, but a reality. This is a special type of roofing and can cost a great deal. There is also ecofriendly roofing. More and more people are going green. This does not mean you must actually grow plants on your roof, though that is possible. Recycled roofing material can be purchased. Wood roofing is can be green as well.

            Whatever the type of material sought, it is important to take careful thought before deciding. Ask for professional consultation in order to determine what is best for the home. A licensed professional roofer can guide home owners through this process. Several things should be kept in mind including durability, climate, and heating or cooling costs.

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