Roof Installation

Roofing Installation

There are several considerations to keep in mind when having a new roof installation. Most of these tasks should be the responsibility of the professional roofer hired or, if not, he/she will bring them to the home owner’s attention. Once the agreement is made, the contract signed, and the proper papers are applied a number of things will take place.

The contractors will ensure that they have a clean area in order to work and to prevent accidents. This may include the delivery of a portable dumpster to be filled and removed when they are finished with the job. The roofers may block off any areas that could be hazardous to children and/or pets. They probably will require an outside power source. It is a good idea to remove all decorations that are hung on the walls. The construction will cause vibrations and may cause them to fall. Pools and hot tubes should be covered and cars should be moved away from the immediate area.

The next step the roofers will take is to properly prepare the roof for repair or installation. They will remove the old roof to examine the deck underneath and determine exactly what must be done. This can reveal damages such as cracked or rotten wood that could not be seen before. In this case, any damaged wood must be replaced. The roofers will then install a quality deck and leak barriers. They will then install starter shingles and begin the process of installing the new roof.

The installation of a roof will take anywhere from one to several days. This is dependent upon the type of roof to be installed as well as any damage to the existing deck. Noise is another large consideration for individuals purchasing roofing services. Sometimes the contractors will need to consult with the home owner about permits to be applied relating to neighborhood noise disturbance. Some people opt to stay in another location while the construction is being done. This is especially true for college students and/or individuals who work at night and must sleep during construction hours.

The above mentioned time frame may change in the case of severe weather. The best time to employ roofing services is when the weather is warm and there are no expected storms. This is not always possible. If the services were sought due to the fact that the existing roof began leaking, the roof must be replace or repaired immediately. Bad weather can cause unexpected and sometimes long weather delays. This, of course, depends upon the location of the home, the time of year, and the climate in that area.

The cost of repairing a roof or having a new one installed is related to the square footage of it, the materials decided upon, labor, existing damage, and any permits that are required. It also depends on the location of the home and the cost of living in that area. There are instances in which contractors can advise home owners about money saving tips. Taking everything into consideration it can cost anywhere from $1,000 to over $2,000 to install a roof. It is best to shop around and perhaps get a couple of estimates before signing anything. Honest contractors encourage clients to do this.

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