Improving Curb Appeal With Tile Roofing

If you’re looking for methods to improve your roofing system and increase the value of your home, you might wish to take a look at tile roofing.

The elegant roofs can withstand some of nature’s toughest elements (such as wind, fire, rain and hail) and roof tiles usually carry a somewhat longer service warranty than other roofing surfaces. An included benefit: Tile roofs are an ecologically friendly building option.

Cost Benefits

Tile has a life cycle of 50 to 100 years, depending on the tile, making it a cost-effective choice for lots of homeowners. As a result, a tile roofing can lower air-conditioning costs in hotter environments and produce more continuous temperatures in cooler regions.


Tile roof uses a variety of architectural style choices and they can be found in a range of colors and shapes that can help set your house apart. For clay, concrete and instance tile roofs are as unique as the houses they’re installed on and they’re available in finishes and designs designed to accentuate a house’s appearance.

tile roofing


Tile roofing warranties are typically transferable and backed by widely known, trusted companies. That’s one factor professionals state a tile roof’s higher setup cost, when spread over the full life of the roofing system, is actually an investment that will increase the value of a house when it is sold or resold.


A common misconception is that roof tile is too heavy for numerous structures. The majority of contemporary buildings are strong enough to support the weight of a tile roofing. A lot of older structures can manage the weight of basic tile, supplied all previous roof products are eliminated initially. Lots of roof tile manufacturers now offer lightweight tile, which is particularly ideal for reroofing projects.


Tile has actually been Europe and Asia’s first roof choice for centuries, with numerous tile-roofed structures needing little or no upkeep. Tile’s durability has been clearly demonstrated by how well it has actually endured the test of time, weather and natural catastrophes.

New Types Of Tile

Today, property owners can discover new kinds of stronger, more energy-efficient tile roofs. Some new tile is even Class A fire-rated and able to stand up to high winds, hail and earthquakes better than any other roofing product.

The trendy roofing systems can sustain some of nature’s toughest components (such as wind, fire, rain and hail) and roof tiles normally bring a somewhat longer guarantee than other roof surface areas. An added advantage: Tile roofing systems are an environmentally friendly building option. Tile has a life cycle of 50 to 100 years, depending on the tile, making it a cost-effective choice for numerous property owners. As a result, a tile roofing can decrease air-conditioning expenses in hotter climates and produce more consistent temperatures in chillier regions. Lots of roofing system tile producers now use light-weight tile, which is especially appropriate for reroofing projects.

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