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Friendly Roofing Michigan

     We are professional roofers who keep our clients in mind. Your family is our number one priority.

     Our company is the perfect choice to install or repair your existing roof to protect your family from the elements, not to mention preventing damage to your property. Hiring a roofing contractor can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have never employed this type of service before. Rest assured in the fact that we are here to guide you through every step of the way.

     Our company encourages you to do some homework before hiring us. Our roofers are licensed professionals. We want you to feel secure in the decision to hire our company. We will be happy to present all of our legal documentation to put your mind at ease. Remember, we are only successful, if your family is happy and satisfied. We can also provide you with examples of past roofing jobs so you may review them to determine if our professional work meets your approval.

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If You Hire Us

Once you decide upon our roofing company, we will want to set up an appointment to come and inspect your existing roof. This will allow us to decide what must be done and give you an accurate estimate of how much this will cost. Our professional roofers will not just give you a bottom number. We will itemize each cost and give you a full explanation of why this task or material is necessary. We will also advise your family of all areas that it is possible to save money in.

Once we have established exactly what you need and want as well as come to a written agreement we will begin the roofing process. The first important step will be determine if any permits are required and apply them immediately, though these may not be applied until the next business day. Do not worry we will keep you informed and consult with you about everything before acting.

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What Next?

We will deliver all of the necessary materials or have it delivered to your house. These will need to be inspected to ensure we have the proper, required materials. This includes size, amount, and color. We will discuss any problems we may run into with you. We do our best to prevent unforeseen circumstances by performing a thorough inspection. We will also clean up our mess before we pack up to leave. In most cases we have a large, portable dumpster delivered to place our waste in. It is then removed and properly disposed of.

We want you to be one of our many satisfied clients. When you and your family perform the above mentioned research create a list of any and all questions. We do not want you to be confused about any issue. We will be happy to take time to sit and thoroughly answer all of your questions.

Please contact us for a FREE in home Estimate!

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